Coming soon?

I would have thought that we would be bottle feeding lambs right now. But life had other plans for us. The farm is sold and we have a new country home in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. With only five acres, and three horses, we are not yet sure what or if we can continue our sustainable agriculture business. But I’m going to leave this website up, just in case the Lakeside Windswept Acres emerges next spring. First we have to build a barn this summer!

We still have eggs for sale (all the layers made the move). If you are interested in any, please let us know.


Animals are growing. This blog? Not so much.

It’s been a busy summer at Windswept Acres.  Between the growing, happy animals and the

The pigs stayed cool this summer in a mud hole that was flooded on a daily basis. There’s nothing that makes you smile like a contented, happy, snorting pig in a mud hole on hot day!

struggles and challenges of the drought, we’ve had our hands full.  First, I extend my apologies for not updating this site on a regular basis.  One of my pet peeves is websites that are chronicles of the past and not the present.  As we are figuring out efficiencies of our farm and this new business, we’ll be able to add new posts once a week, but I think that will have to wait until the winter!

We process our summer meat chickens in the middle of one of the many heat waves in early July.  Thank you to all of you who, hopefully, are enjoying those happy chickens!  Our second batch arrived at the end of August.  We still have some available for purchase.

We decided to get a small flock of turkeys in the middle of August.  Those will be processed the week of Thanksgiving so that you can have fresh (not frozen) happy turkey for your Thanksgiving table.  We only have two left, as all the others have already been reserved.  If you are interested, email us ASAP at

The pigs are growing and should be ready for harvest in the middle to end of October.  Once the grass finely greened up and grew in August, they were introduced to a new pasture.  Wow, do they love that! For those of you lucky enough to get one this year, get ready for some happy and absolutely delicious pork!

Our new brochure and order form are now available.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us through orders in this, our first year, we have many excited plans already for 2013.  Check out the brochure and order form for more details!

Chicks & Pigs on the Loose!

Okay, thankfully the pigs and chickens have not escaped, but they are both in new, larger living areas.  After a day inside, the pigs have been introduced to their wooded paddock (lower pasture is next) and the chicks have been moved into the new “meat chicken” addition to the chicken coop.  This new addition has a dirt, grass floor and the chicks have lots of room to be happy!  They’ll get an outdoor run really soon, but we are worried the they would be too easily picked off by our resident hawk at this size.

We still have some “half a hog” available.  If you’re intested, just let us know.  We’ll also be raising another round of chickens at the end of the summer.

Enjoy your day!

Coming Soon!

The pigs are settling in great and the chicks are growing fast! Pictures and updates will be coming to this site very soon.  We are excited to share the ongoing story of our sustainable agriculture experiment with you!